Expressionist - 5 mins

The story of a theater projectionist living under an oppressive government, and showcasing propaganda films to the population.  Disillusioned with his position in society and the constant surveillance of his rulers, the young projectionist finds himself drawn to a mysterious girl who attends his theater.



Arthur Veenema
Josh Hilton
Christian Seiter
Natasha Green
Blake Webb
Joe Olivas
Mikkel Richardson
Kagan Breitenbach



Director of Photography
Assistant Director



In 2014 Contagion Machine started as an experiment in the use of light and aesthetics.  The silhouetted black-and-white style of the film derived from old German expressionist work as well as WWII propaganda.  Contagion Machine was meant to be a comment on the application of filmmaking as a means to spread dangerous ideals, and the rather unavoidable marriage between art and message.  Whether or not my ideas work within the film is another matter, but I see Contagion Machine as an early project that laid the basis for my growing understanding of film.