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A vignette reflecting on the world as we pass it from generation to generation, set in a grim future where most wildlife has gone extinct due to a rampant environmental catastrophe…

Entanglement (2016)

In a not-too-distant future, as the world outside falls apart, people can live out their lives in solitude without ever leaving the safety of their home. Everything is for sale online and brought to their doorstep, including the need for human interaction. Entanglement exists as a service to bring people together, connecting soulmates who can promise to make each others' lives whole.

The Original (2015)

Maia Long is a computer programmer evaluating a digital replication of her own mind. She notices that the machine is growing rapidly and thinking for itself. As the situation grows out of her control, Maia's interaction with her simulation casts her own individuality into doubt.

Contagion Machine (2014)

The story of a theater projectionist living under an oppressive government, and showcasing propaganda films to the population.  Disillusioned with his position in society and the constant surveillance of his rulers, the young projectionist finds himself drawn to a mysterious girl who attends his theater.

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In my films I am interested in examining the modern relationships between people, as well as the consequences of technology new and old.   My love for science-fiction, magical-realism, and historical-drama has inspired me to develop unique and strange worlds as allegories for our own.

I graduated from the University of Utah in 2015 with an Honors BA in Film and Media Arts, as well as a Minor in Business.  Some of my favorite movies range from the Godzilla films, to In The Mood for Love, Spirited Away, Mad Max Fury Road, and whatever the day calls for.  But let's be honest, when John Carpenter made The Thing, we should've stopped making films because nothing else was ever going to top that.



Genetic Science Learning Center
Production Team

Arthur is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have continued to hire him for many of our video projects because his work is always outstanding, he’s reliable and prompt in returning correspondence, and he is always professional and humble when discussing feedback. Arthur is a great problem solver, and he always brings solutions to our often demanding and constantly changing production needs. We highly recommend hiring Arthur as a director as he is able to take your ideas from the page all the way to a final product, but we’ve also been equally happy working with Arthur within his other disciplines. We’ve hired him as an assistant director, animator, editor, camera operator, and more and always been very pleased with his work. Our learn.genetics website is one of the most highly used science education resources on the entire internet, and receives millions of views every year. Arthur is one of the few filmmakers we trust to deliver a high quality product that we feel confident putting to our website. 

Overcranked Pictures
Connor Rickman / Producer

We chose Arthur to direct our client's story because of his focus on emotion and relationships, which is exactly what the script required. He has a very focused approach and an accessible process that put our actors at ease and allowed us more shooting time on set.

Juliy Marie Pilates
Juliy Marie / Instructor

Arthur was a perfect choice for my webpage video.  He was intuitive, creative, professional, collaborative and enjoyable to work with.  I was really impressed with his editing.  I highly recommend Arthur Veenema.

DIRECTOR - "Mortal Coil" & "Point B"

Arthur will always be at the top of my list for crewing an art department. His experience as a filmmaker makes him an invaluable collaborator and a trustworthy professional who intimately understands the significant relationship between a director and a production designer. My films have won awards for their production design because of him, so I’d be a damn fool not to keep him close by. 

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Production Designer
Directed by Eduardo Ayres Soares

Production Designer
Directed by Conor Long


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